Help us save Ister!

Ister has a long-term problem with the plumbing system and the building has been in a critical state since the end of 2020. The building is currently undergoing an extensive and complicated reconstruction which far exceeds our financial resources. We can’t do it without your help!


Who are we?

Ister Cultural and Educational Center has operated in Slovakia since 1996 and our main goal is to support women and provide them with the necessary tools and training to be an engine of change in society.

We carry out this mission through a number of activities for women and girls of all ages. We seek to address each person as a whole, and therefore our activities are focused not only on professional growth but also on human and spiritual growth.

Each year we organize courses for professional skills development, self-management, education, and work/family life balance. We also offer Christian spiritual formation, which is entrusted to the Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

Our three pillars


Personal development, growth in virtues, education of children.


Spiritual retreats and recollections, spiritual direction, talks on virtues and theological courses.


Activities for skills development, such as languages, self-management, and soft-skills courses.



At club Ister, we meet every week for various activities such as cooking, theater plays, scientific experiments, field trips, DIY projects and volunteering. Activities seek to help participants learn through play and grow in the spirit of service to others. Each meeting includes a short talk on virtues and participants have a personal mentor focused on self-development.


Activities for students are focused on personal and spiritual growth, as well as on cultural, professional, and intellectual development. Through various lectures and talks, we offer positive models of successful women, encouraging active participation in society, as well as thought on future career goals. Discussions and workshops offer critical thinking skills development. We also offer international exchanges during the summer, through which participants can learn about different cultures and expand their horizons.


We offer adult women a variety of activities focused on acquiring skills that help them in their professional careers, such as languages, self-management, and soft skills. A woman’s life as a mother is as important as her professional life, and so we also offer activities focused on child education, household management and work-life balance.


At Ister, family is considered the basis of society, and although our activities are focused on women and girls, we also organize events for the whole family. Every quarter we host „Mom and me“, an event aimed at providing a special space for mothers and daughters to spend quality time together, engage in crafting or baking, and have a bonding experience. In addition, we organize meetings for the whole family, such as our summer family barbecue or goulash and our winter Christmas celebration.


Ister has long had complications with the building’s plumbing system, but the situation began to deteriorate significantly in 2019. System diagnostics showed that materials used in the reconstruction in 1999 were of poor quality and obsolete, which led to the bursting of waste disposal pipes. Each new crack caused a major or minor accident. In one case, for example, water flooded our library, destroying a large number of books.

These incidents were dealt with as they came, but in 2020 the situation worsened to such an extent that individual bathrooms had to be gradually shut down. Ister normally functions as a student residence, but due to increasing plumbing issues, we could not provide this opportunity this academic year.

The situation escalated last autumn and Ister has been operating in a state of emergency since then. At the beginning of 2021, we found a company that offered to begin reconstruction within a few weeks in spite of the pandemic and at a very competitive price, and we accepted this offer.

The reconstruction is very extensive, as all water supply and waste pipelines must be replaced. Ister is a student residence and has a total of 20 showers, each of which must be removed during the reconstruction. After replacing the pipe system, it will be necessary to replace tiles and repaint the interior. If everything goes according to plan, in September 2021 Ister will return to normal operations at Lazaretská 33.

Project Financing

The total cost of reconstruction has been estimated at €185,000. This amount includes the project management, reconstruction materials, labour as well as various associated expenses for project operations, such as parking-space rental for workmen and interest on the loan. We plan to pay this amount from internal sources (for instance, from summer study courses organized), from gifts from large donors as well as from a number of smaller contributions.

Estimated cost: €185 000

Financing plan

  • Large donations
  • Fundraising
  • Internal sources


  • Labour
  • Construction materials
  • Project operations
  • Project management

Fundraising goal: €100 000

Ister organizes activities for a large number of people, which is why we have set a very ambitious fundraising goal: we expect to raise 100,000 euros through a public fundraiser. We also believe in your generosity and willingness to help, because we will certainly not be able to do it without you. We are grateful for any help, even a small amount will contribute to the fulfillment of our goal. If you want, you can also set up a standing order and help us in the long run.

Amount collected

12390 euro

How can you contribute?

You can send your contribution by bank transfer to our account:

Holder: Kulturne a vzdelavacie centrum Ister

IBAN: SK71 8330 0000 0021 0192 8384


Or pay directly by credit card